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In my teens I used to spend hours in my local library, mostly around the philosophy, psychology and religion shelves. At its peak, my reading habit had me consuming 4 books a week on top of schoolwork, though it was mostly the soft stuff: fiction.

After leaving school, in 1970, I didn't go straight to university. Some of the people who knew me then might classify me as a “weekend hippy”, because I was mostly in regular employment, but I was deeply influenced by the alternative culture of the time.

In 1977 I enrolled at Stirling University where I studied philosophy, psychology and religion. One of these had to be dropped after the first year, and I reluctantly chose religion. During the third (penultimate) year I became fascinated by theory of mind in general, and the mind-body problem in particular. In my honours dissertation I tried to relate that to psychology, because by then I was on track for a combined honours degree in philosophy and psychology. I got that degree in 1981, but it was just a lower second class, because the continuous assessment system then in place at Stirling meant I was disadvantaged by having taken a long time to get into it.

I believed I had one or two valuable and perhaps even original insights into the mind-body problem, so despite being unable to continue formal studies, I've been working on it, on and off, ever since. (And I picked up an MSc in information technology along the way.)

Though I'm not particularly keen on the term, this is perhaps most accurately described as a hobby. My business is computer maintenance.

Other online writings:
Buddhism and Subjective Experience in the Journal of Consciousness Studies Online.
Freud on civilization and law.


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